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Flirt Cards

Carry your flirt card so you're ready when you meet someone special!

Ever found yourself at a party chatting to a gorgeous person and realising that you don't have a pen to swap numbers with? You're sure you'll keep in touch somehow but afterwards you kick yourself and resort to reading the 'desperately seeking' columns in magazines for weeks afterwards.

The answer is to always carry your own personal flirt cards in your wallet or purse. The cards can carry as much or as little information as you like (mobile, e-mail etc) but for added safety we suggest just putting the web address of your favourite online dating site with your username, so people can safely contact you online without knowing too much about you...

Flirt Card Flirt Card

Just as you'd never think of going to a business meeting without your business card, you should never go to a party (or anywhere you might meet someone special - even the book shop!) without your flirt cards.

For inexpensive, easy to create personal flirt cards, we recommend using Vistaprint, who are currently offering 250 free, personal flirt cards - all you pay is the postage!
Vistaprint offer a variety of eye-catching designs so you're bound to find one that matches your personality and they're all fully customisable.
To create your own personal Flirt Cards simply visit the Vistaprint website and follow the instructions given.


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